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Quotes, charges & booking

How to book

Our booking system uses three steps – firstly, on the home page is our basic requirements; secondly, is the parcel details and any insurance; lastly, is the collection, delivery and payment step. After those are completed, all that is left is the booking confirmation. Please see our support article for step-by-step instructions.

How our quote is broken down

Our price is made up of four factors – the delivery charge (what our fee is for the delivery); customs charge (this is for fees to get your parcel through the countries customs – paid to the customs house of that country); fuel charge (this is for tolls and surcharges on the parcels journey) and finally VAT (paid to the UK government).

Customs charges

Not all countries require the UK to pay for customs clearance. If the UK has an agreement with the delivery location, then a charge may not be expected. The charge is a fixed fee, which Quality Parcel Services has no control over. Currently our agreement with the EU allows no charge to EU member states.

Surcharges on weight and dimensions

The quote we supply will be the final price. The only way we charge extra is if the dimensions and weight are beyond our allowances. We will except a little bit out here or there (seriously, who can judge what a kilogram is). But if the parcel was listed as 10 cm tall, but is collected and is shown to be 100 cm tall, we will have to charge for that size of package.

I have no clue what the weight is

Our top weight limit is 30 kilograms. This is equivalent (in a general way) to what the weight of your baggage is when you check-in luggage for a flight. It is tricky to judge weight, and we have no clue of how to make this easier. We do not carry a scale with us, so as long as it isn’t crazily over 30 kilograms, it should be OK.

Delivery times

Our delivery times are accurate. In fact our delivery times are typically shorter than described. We fully expect all our deliveries to be on time – our success rate is at 98.9%. So far, the only time we have missed expected delivery times is due to major incidents – volcanoes, weather issues, etc.


What type of notifications will I receive - sender

After booking you will receive (via SMS text or email or both) a confirmation of the details, then a notification of collection times (with the ability to change the time or date), then a completed delivery announcement.

What type of notifications will I receive - receiver

You will receive a notification of delivery times (with the ability to change the time and date), then an announcement of completed delivery.

What steps can I track

Our delivery partners use different systems. But all include depot stops, customs stops, collection, delivery attempts, change of van/depots. The different steps include time and date stamps. Delivery and collection will include any possible delays to the agreed time slots.

Where do I go to track the parcel?

Go to our tracking your parcel page. Click on the delivery partner that is relevant to you, and enter the package details.

I have lost my emails / text / package numbers for tracking

You can use the delivery partners website to retrieve tracking. You will need postcodes and other delivery details. If this does not work, please call us on 01392 874 921.


How to sign-up for an account

Please go to the login page. You will be able to sign up for an account.

What can I do in the account area

After logging in, you will be presented with the account page. You can view orders, change saved addresses, edit payment details and personal details. Please see our support article for details. 

I have forgotten my password

The best way of retrieving your password is by going to the account login page and using the link that states ‘Forgotten your password? We will send you an email that will allow you to set a new password for the account.

I have forgotten my email address / the email address I used on the site

If you have forgotten your email address, the best way of gaining access to the site, is by using the enquiry form on the site. Please send us your name and what you think was the email address used and which email address you would like us to send the details. We will then email the details, if we can find them, sometimes it is not easy to retrieve an account.

I have been locked out of my account

One way this could happen if the account has been deleted. We can not re-start a deleted account – we remove all the details of the account. If this is not the case, please call us on 01392 874 921.

Bank details

We hold payment details, if you have ticked for us to save the method. We retain the numbers in a secured, encrypted, off-site area. For booking they are sent encrypted and used only once for the booking. Our payment gateway (Stripe) does not hold the details, numbers are purely for payment only.

Addresses and delivery details

We hold any saved addresses on a separate server. These can be accessed when you are logged in for speedier bookings. We do not retain any non-saved details.

I can’t see past deliveries or bookings

We include your recent orders in the account area. Please log in to view your previous orders.


What level of insurance do you offer?

We have free insurance cover to the value of £50.00. This means if the item is lost or damaged we will compensate you up to the value of £50.00. We will ask for proof of damage or loss if applicable (we understand this may be tricky to prove, and we take this into account). We will also make three attempts to deliver the parcel. We have an increased level of insurance of £100.00. This costs £2.00 excluding VAT to add this extra cover. We will also make three attempts to deliver the package and will require a signature for completion of delivery.

If we have lost or damaged your package

Please use the enquiry form on the contact us page. Please add the order number, your name and as much details as possible. We will call or email you and issue a refund where appropriate.

Deliveries & packaging

Packing advice

We can’t be clearer about this – your parcel could travel a long way and change hands multiple times, we take the utmost care, but items can get damaged. We fully recommend be double walled boxes, packing tape applied to all open edges and filling with newspaper, foam or whatever is suitable.

Please see our support article on packing.

Will you pack the box for me?

Our delivery van drivers do not carry the supplies for packing your item/s. We need the space in the van for the boxes. We can only accept items that are appropriately boxed. We handle everything with care, but our vans travel for hundreds of miles per day.


Our drivers will collect the parcel and apply our labels.

You do not need a printer to print labels, or have to stick any labels to the package. 

Changing delivery details

After the booking has been made we will be rushing to collect the package. But before the collection happens you should have received a booking notification email – this contains information of how to change the details. Please call on 01392 874 92 if you need any further help.

Cancelling a delivery

Please contact us immediately on 01392 874 921. We will then stop the collection from happening, or if the collection has been made, the delivery from taking place. We will then proceed with a refund and find out where and what to do with the parcel. We may not be able cancel either a delivery or collection, depending on timezones, where in the delivery/collection process the cancellation is made.


We endeavour to keep everybody happy. If we have made a mistake of any kind, we will certainly refund the cost of the delivery. Sometimes, depending on where the parcel is in the process, we may not be able to refund the full amount, this may happen if we have already paid fuel charges, tolls or custom clearance fees. Please call us on 01392 874 921 for any refunds.

How will my parcel get to it’s location

Your parcel is going to go into a van, likely another van, then onto a plane, a seat on a boat, maybe a train, onto another van. It is going to travel through many countries, see mountains, beaches, the ocean. It all sounds glamorous, but the journey your parcel will take will happen so quickly your parcel won’t even notice.

What can’t I send

The list is quite long. Please see our items you can’t send page for more details.


I can’t see the country I want to send the parcel to

I am sorry we are not offering delivery to your required country. We are adding more and more countries every week. We expect to deliver to all European countries soon. Please check back for updates, alternatively connect to our Facebook page [link to – https://www.facebook.com/Quality-Parcel-Services-Ltd-108501380630910].

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