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How to book

To book takes three steps. We think this is a quick and simple process. The article runs through the individual steps in detail.

Step one

On the home page, at the top of the page, we have a form with two fields, both fields need to be completed. Please enter your postcode into the ‘Send from UK’ area. Please select the country you are wanting to send your parcel to – via the ‘Send to’ area.

Please note – we allow packages under the dimensions of 175 x 70 x 60 cms and under the weight of 30 kg. For Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight locations we only accept weights up to 10 kg.

Please click on the ‘See quote & book’ button to go to step 2.

Step 2

This step shows you the cost of the delivery of the parcel, allows you to register details of the parcel and add any increased insurance cover.

The first section of the page shows the UK to the selected country of delivery, with the delivery time (in days). This section includes the total cost, both including and excluding VAT. The cost is also broken down into individual costs.

In the ‘Parcel details’ costs section – we require the approximate dimensions of the parcel, we also require an approximate weight (we know this is tricky – but please supply an idea of the weight). 

Next is the insurance cover – we offer free cover up to the value of £50.00. If the item being delivered is of a value greater than £50.00, we recommend adding additional cover up to £100.00. 

Please make sure everything is correct on this step before clicking on ‘Continue to collection & delivery details’ button. 

Step 3

This step covers collection and delivery names and addresses, login and discount codes, a summary of the booking and payment.

The first area you see is the log in and discount code section. If you have an account with us, logging in will speed up the input of addresses. Please click on the link to log-in. If you have a promo or discount code – please enter the code and then click ’Submit code’. The discount will then be taken from the cost.

Next section is the Collection and Delivery details. This section is the personal and address details for the collection and delivery of the parcel. Please complete all fields marked with an ‘*’. Please add any notes for the delivery – this could be to leave with a neighbour (please supply address of neighbour), or to leave under a porch. 

Please read through the summary of the booking – this includes the cost breakdown and also details of the delivery concerning tracking, restrictions, collection and delivery cut-off times. 

Lastly, payment. Please follow the payment instructions – we require your name, postcode, card number, expiry date and CSV (the last three security on the reverse of the card, in the signature area) numbers. Please complete and then accept the terms and conditions – this is a simple tick box.

If all is OK, please click on ‘Pay now’ button. 

If the payment goes through correctly, you should then see a confirmation page, and receive an email of the booking. Please keep an eye out for the confirmation email and further instructions.

Please call 01392 874 921 if you are having trouble with booking.